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Postby bonum » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:52 am

because Unity3d/Unreal are not royalty free.
I like <gamekit>, <gamekit-playground> and Blender because they are open sourced and in principle you could have full control.
I was attracted to <gamekit> a year ago, because it integrates Blender and produces code that is much smaller and faster on low level Android devices (~API10) in comparison with Unity3d.
I was asking myself why you (who has a grate experience with <gamekit>) work with Unity3d. This is like sleeping with the enemy :D )

Urho3d doesn't produce code for Android API10 and also doesn't have Blender game engine integration.

So, having a Blender game engine and a way to produce code for Android, Windows, Linux, one may concentrate on the art of game design. ;)

Btw, TestGUIGorilla2 runs on real Android device too, it was a matter of setting correct value for screen2:createRectangle(...)
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